Q4 2022 Permit-Completion in EECFA area

Latest update: 20 January 2023

The first Q4 data are in (Slovenia) and the rest of the countries are updated with Q3 figures.

In terms of permit, there has been no sign of pessimism so far in the SEE countries. Right the opposite. Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia are all expanding. In Bulgaria 9 million residential plus non-residential sqm were permitted in the latest 4 quarters, while Serbia reached 7 million sqm. The biggest country, Romania, stayed close to its peak in the meantime.

Permit recovery in Turkey has stalled, and continuous growth in non-residential cannot compensate the pessimism in the residential submarket. The current level of around 140 million sqm is still less than half of the all-time high reached in 2017. Ukraine’s stat office managed to publish permit and completion figures for Q3 2022, too. The non-residential figures are rather depressive, but neither housing permit, nor housing completion was that bad in Q3. (You may go to Country-by-country sheet from completion and choose quarterly from the observed period dropdown. By default you will see the latest 4 quarters together data)

In the coming months the rest of the countries will publish their Q4 data and we will update the chart, so please check back.

The Permit-Completion visualization contains data on 8 EECFA (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine) + 1 Euroconstruct country (Hungary).

See the full viz: EECFA Permit-Completion Quarterly – 20 January 2023

Open the full visualization with the link above and come back to continue reading for hints:

This piece below show the features of the visualization (written on 12 March 2021)

Beside updating it with Q4 2020 data, we have enhanced it with some new features. We think that it is friendly to use and does not require too much explanation, so we just would like to give you 5+1 hints here.

1. There is no separate Residential and Non-residential viz any longer, all data are integrated into one viz:

2. There is an additional sheet for cross-country comparison of permit data:

3. On the country-by-country sheet the graphs are in pairs horizontally; level on the left, yearly change on the right:

4. Use the tooltips and click to highlight:

5. On the cross-country comparison sheet residential and non-residential permits are shown together by default, but you can filter out any:

+1. I love full screen view, no distraction whatsoever (below the viz, bottom right corner):

See the full viz: EECFA Permit-Completion Quarterly – 20 January 2023

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