EBI Romania – started construction works – 13 Oct 2023

There was no construction start indicator in Romania, so we have created an estimation for it.

This poster is a summary of our monthly findings. It shows how the total value of started construction works have changed over the same period last year. Besides, it presents which segments have the biggest start value in the current year. We call this indicator Activity-Start. And they are computed every month for 18 construction segments by aggregating real construction projects. The projects are from the ibuild.info database and ELTINGA and Buildecon found the way of creating indicators out of them.

If you need short-term foresight, you will like it.

Brief comment from Janos Gaspar, head of Buildecon:

We have a fuller picture about Q3 by now and it seems that there is still no positive turnaround on the multi-unit residential submarket. Activity-Start has been declining here for 6 consecutive quarters. Within non-residential, the publicly financed segments have had a better year so far than those financed privately. Rarely enough, educational buildings are the third largest segment in terms of starts. Led by road and railway projects, civil engineering has a fabulous year in the meantime.

Every month this poster will be available here on our blog. If your interest is deeper, we have the EBI data visualization (with indicators for all the 18 segments), updated monthly and we have the EBI Construction Activity Report Romania (with data and explanations), published quarterly in English and in Romanian. Orders and more information >>

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