Q2 2023 Permit-Completion in EECFA area

4 out of the 6 smaller countries turned pessimistic in building construction. Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovenia are currently below their latest peak. The downward move is mostly attributed to residential permits. The biggest drop in this submarket was registered in Hungary and in Romania. You may use the dropdown for selecting either the residential or the non-residential submarket, or both. Serbia and Croatia are peaking, non-residential permit in Croatia has almost doubled since 2020.

See the full viz: EECFA Permit-Completion Quarterly – 14 September 2023

Q2 permit data in Türkiye, the first after the big earthquakes, brought good figures. This has been the best 2nd quarter since 2019. And it is true to both the residential and the non-residential submarkets. These figures, however, are still below the peak, please check the Country-by-country sheet of the viz for long series. Q2 data in Ukraine was published as well. Good to see that the permit figures stopped falling, a sign that the worst could be over.

In the full visualization, not only permit but completion data can be followed.

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