Q1 2022 Permit-Completion in EECFA area

Latest update: 14 June (with Q1 data)

Optimism, growing requests for construction permits had characterized the smaller countries before the consequences of the war started to be felt. In the meantime, recovery has stopped in Türkiye and in Ukraine. (Of this latter the coverage and the reliability of the data is still unknown. We have asked Ukrstat about at, as soon as the answer arrive we will update this post.) Russia has recorded a peak in completion at the beginning of 2022.

The Permit-Completion visualization contains data on 8 EECFA (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine) + 1 Euroconstruct countries (Hungary).

Open the full visualization with the link below and come back, and CONTINUE READING for hints:

EECFA Permit-Completion Quarterly – 14 June 2022

This piece below show the features of the visualization (written on 12 March 2021)

Beside updating it with Q4 2020 data, we have enhanced it with some new features. We think that it is friendly to use and does not require too much explanation, so we just would like to give you 5+1 hints here.

1. There is no separate Residential and Non-residential viz any longer, all data are integrated into one viz:

2. There is an additional sheet for cross-country comparison of permit data:

3. On the country-by-country sheet the graphs are in pairs horizontally; level on the left, yearly change on the right:

4. Use the tooltips and click to highlight:

5. On the cross-country comparison sheet residential and non-residential permits are shown together by default, but you can filter out any:

+1. I love full screen view, no distraction whatsoever (below the viz, bottom right corner):

Go to the viz: EECFA Permit-Completion Quarterly – 14 June 2022

We are updating this viz quarterly, and in case you need construction forecast for these countries, please get in touch with our customer relations manager at eszter.falucskai@eecfa.com for an offer for the current EECFA Forecast Reports.

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